A Co-Education Institute

Career with SDIMT

Academic excellence of any institute depends upon its faculty and staff. It is therefore of utmost importance that due care is taken in hiring of faculty with adequate qualification and requisite experience.

Further a relaxed environment with positive academic ambience is a great facilitator for bringing out the best from faculty. Although, it does take years to build on positive academic ambience, certain institute policies can have strong impact in promoting the same. It is SDIMT’s endeavour that its judicious HR policy can serve as a powerful mechanism to enhance comfort level, sense of belonging and positivity in outlook and add to the sense of responsibility and commitment.

SDIMT follows the prevailing AICTE norms of qualifications and experience related to recruitment and promotion for faculty and staff members. This may be in the form of special allowances, additional increments and flexi-benefits.

Leave Provision

SDIMT promotes a healthy work-life balance by providing adequate number of leaves in the form of summer and winter vacations; casual, earned, medical & compensatory leave etc.

Faculty and other positions at the SDIMT are advertised in newspapers as well as displayed on this website. If you would like to be considered for a faculty position at SDIMT, please send us your updated resume at : career@sdimt.org